Opera missionaria della Provincia Euro-Mediterranea dei gesuiti
28 Febbraio 2020

The Forest Trees shout for joy

MAGIS Dicono di noi The Forest Trees shout for joy

Jesuits in europe This campaign consists of sending a thousand eco-friendly postcards to targeted people and the on-going update of the site and social networks with texts, meditations, information about the 3 chosen projects on the Tropics. They are "symbolic projects for a change of attitude" the director, Fr. Renato Colizzi, SJ, explains. "We want to help friends and benefactors to understand how, thanks to Laudato si and the Synod, a change of attitude is possible in order to face challenges that once seemed impossible and understand how these challenges seriously affect people's lives: ever reducing habitat, sustainability, hope by forcing them into the great cauldron of the poor who cross the Mediterranean and the desert. We want to go to the depth of the roots as the Pope teaches in Laudato si., to learn together how it is possible to change and to move from an obsessive accumulation to sustainable development, “even making small changes" he stresses, "to the different realities by listening attentively to the poor and helping them how to respond to these great changes.” A conversion of heart is necessary because it can bring about concrete change: in India formation is being given to the tribes, in Congo awareness courses on the obligations of large multinational companies engaged in extractions are being organised for Christian communities and in Peru young people are being trained to help them understand that, “the Amazon is a wealth in itself”.

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