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About us

MAGIS About us

Fondazione MAGIS (Movement and Action of Jesuits Together for Development) is a work of the Euro-Mediterranean Province of the Society of Jesus that coordinates and promotes missionary and international cooperation activities through the commitment and action of Jesuits and lay people in various parts of the world. It is a Foundation, established in accordance with the Civil Code, with legal personality. It is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) recognised as eligible under Law no. 49 of 26 February 1987 and registered in the List of Civil Society Organisations and other non-profit entities of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation under Law no. 125/2014.

Our mission

Fondazione MAGIS intends to promote in the world the “mission” of God’s reconciliation with creation and humanity, according to the Gospel spirit and the Ignatian style, supporting local communities to become protagonists of social change for an integral and sustainable development.
In a world torn apart by injustices and inequalities caused by selfishness and thirst for human power, MAGIS wants to listen to the cry of the poorest, the marginalized, by caring for their fragilities, but also to fight against a growing “culture of waste” (cf. Pope Francis) and promote the values of justice, peace, dialogue, solidarity through support, advocacy, accompaniment and education activities.
Aware that it is not the only agency responsive to these issues, MAGIS collaborates with other national and international networks and institutions, both belonging to the Society of Jesus and partners of it, to create a joint action, strengthening the actions promoted.

Our vision

A world “common home”

A firm, generous and unconditional commitment for the common good for all and for a human fraternity that mobilizes energies and material and spiritual resources in favour of life, dignity of the person, respect and harmony of creation.

Our projects

Fondazione MAGIS’ projects aim at international and missionary cooperation, promotion of justice and transformation of cultures. They are carried out in partnership with Jesuits’ organisations and their collaborators, especially in the Global South countries.
MAGIS operates in four areas:

  • Culture
  • Fundamental rights and advocacy
  • Education
  • Peace

Promoting local and traditional cultures and their core values, fostering cultural exchanges, putting values at the service of all humanity in a perspective of openness and interdependence.
Defending the identity of indigenous communities in view of a development respectful of the minorities’ dignity.
Fostering the culture of dialogue as a way to peace and promoting inculturation as a way for the encounter between Gospel and cultures.


Fundamental Rights

Promoting fundamental rights and advocacy.
Ensuring health, food, work, education and livelihoods in intervention areas for disadvantaged and exploited people and marginalised communities: ‘outcasts’ (dalits) and tribals, people with AIDS, workers, widows, children.

Fundamental Rights

Placing the dignity and care of the person constantly at the centre, carefully considering and promoting the human and religious values of each culture. Education is one of MAGIS central priorities.
It covers various areas, with a local focus and a global vision, from schools, in view of the right to study for children and young people, to active and responsible citizenship in favour of one’s own country, to the promotion of intercultural and interreligious dialogue.


Mobilising groups and leaders of different ethnicities and religions, in view of a non-violent resolution of conflicts and the building of a peaceful and collaborative cohabitation, through peace promotion initiatives and inter-religious and intercultural dialogue.


The missionaries

Fondazione MAGIS’ history begins with the support to the activities and works of the Italian Jesuit missionaries in the various countries of destination. The support and accompaniment of their projects will continue to be one of MAGIS priorities.
However, MAGIS, as a missionary work of the newly established Euro-Mediterranean Province of the Society of Jesus, which includes Albania, Italy, Malta and Romania, intends to support and promote also activities and projects of the Jesuit missionaries of these countries.
MAGIS Foundation’s support to the missionaries, in addition to welcoming and activating project requests, also consists of:

  • maintaining contacts and relations with benefactors and donors;
  • promoting possible publications and communications;
  • encouraging an exchange with the communities of origin and belonging by narrating their missionary life experience, through MAGIS channels of communication and the organisation of events;
  • fostering bridges and links between the various realities of commitment.

On the Net

Fondazione MAGIS is a member of the Xavier Network, a network of mission offices and NGOs of various Jesuit Provinces across Europe, Canada and Australia.
It is also a member of the Jesuit Social Network, a federation of social activities organisations promoted by the Society of Jesus in Italy.

Moreover, it collaborates with the following institutions:

Aggiornamenti Sociali

Information and training magazine


Training Centre for Jesuit Educational Activity in Italy

Faculty of Missiology

Pontifical Gregorian University

Jesuit Education Foundation

Network of schools and educational works of the Society of Jesus

Justice in Mining

Ignatian advocacy network of the Society of Jesus


Deep Roots

The missionary impulse of the Society of Jesus was born from the very first moments of its foundation when Saint Ignatius sent his first companions to evangelise the world.
Saint Francis Xavier in fact was the first Jesuit missionary in India and Japan and died on the island of Sancian while attempting to enter China, on 3 December 1552.
Since then, an unbroken chain of Jesuits along the centuries committed themselves to inculturate the Gospel in societies and countries geographically and culturally far from Europe. From the experience of the reducciones of Paraguay, through the question of rites in China and India, to the new formulation of Mission as “diakonia of faith and promotion of justice” by Fr Arrupe, then Superior General of the Society, the Jesuits have promoted an increasingly creative missionary style, capable of perceiving the challenges of a changing world, with its contradictions, and of accompanying peoples on their long and, often, painful journey, towards development and liberation.

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